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Lists 15,000 trade shows and exhibitions worldwide for every industry imaginable. Search by country or industry.
Automotive Industry Exhibitions and Conferences
Global information and contacts for forthcoming conferences and exhibitions in the automotive and vehicle manufaturing industry.
Brisbane Conference Exhibition Centre
Calendar of events from Australia's biggest business seminar, exhibition and conference venue.
Business Week Executive Programs
Calendar of international business events.
Business Wire - Trade Show News
News of major business events in the USA.
CIO's Event Calendar
Your source for IT events and conferences around the world.
Comdex Events
A service for journalists and Comdex attendees seeking the best events, parties, press receptions and free food.
Dow Jones Conferences
Offering a variety of summits and conferences for senior executives in the international business community.
EnergyNet Global
Conferences, exhibitions and networking opportunities for privatization, restructuring and investment in Africa's infrastructure: energy, power, gas, water, rail, ports, communications. Speakers include government ministers and heads of African state-owned companies.
European Business Events
European conferences and exhibitions across all sectors including Biomedical, Finance, Industrial, Internet, Media, Marketing, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and Tourism.
Expo Central
Find exhibitions, fairs, trade shows and conferences worldwide and search database of exhibitors by industry, country and products.
Venue for online trade shows and other information related to the trade show industry.
Directory of Exposium, French organizer of international exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.
Extranet Events
Online directory of extranet events, conferences, exhibits, or forums, related to E commerce.
Find That Event - Event Directory for the British Isles
A useful UK and Europe event directory containing country side and urban events listings.
A free on-line directory of business to business happenings . Organisers can add, update and delete their own events in real time.
Hong Kong Exporter
Listing of Hong Kong export trade shows.
ICM San Francisco Conferences
Listing of ICM produced regular business and technical conferences.
IIR Conferences Limited
Listings of various business conferences and seminars organised by the Institute for International Research.
Industrial Technology Events
Product design engineering and machine building international exhibitions and conferences diary.
International Database of Events and Expos
Events, expos and conferences to be held at different parts of the world.
International Railway Events Diary
A global list of railroad conferences, train exhibitions, rail transport seminars and industry expositions with contact details for each event.
Intertech Conferences
Technical conferences for executives in the fields of electronics, energy, magnetics, etc.
Mining Conference Calendar
A directory of international mining and mineral extraction events and exhibitions with organizer contact details and addresses.
Offshore Technology - Exhibitions and Conferences
Information and contacts for forthcoming conferences, exhibitions, seminars and events in the offshore oil, petroleum and gas industry.
Power Technology - Exhibitions and Conferences
Information and contacts for forthcoming conferences, seminars, events and exhibitions in the Electrical Power Generation and Utility Industry.
Promosalons is a Paris-based organization dedicated to the promotion of international trade shows taking place in France or organized outside France by French trade show groups.
Retail Revolution 2001
Integrate senior level online retailers with technology specialists to focus on infrastructure and strategy challenges in B2B and B2C sectors.
The ultimate resource for conference schedules, personal and professional development events, continuing education courses and trade shows. Check your appointment calendar and free email with one click. One-stop registration for US and international events.
Seminar Information Service, Inc.
A comprehensive guide to seminars and conferences listing over 200,000 seminars and conferences for businesses and individuals.
Welcome to the NACS annual meeting & Camex 2000.
Ship Technology - Exhibitions and Conferences
Information and contacts for forthcoming conferences and exhibitions in the shipbuilding industry.
The Business Forum
Business luncheon meetings with decision makers and experts.
Trade Fairs, Conferences & Events
A subject wise index and calendar of trade fairs, conferences all over the world.
Trade In Indonesia
Trade fairs, exhibitions, trade leads, business information and business news.
Trade Show Plaza
A comprehensive directory of internet and computer related events.
Directory of trade shows, conferences, expos, seminars, conferences, and business trade events.
TSNN Events Network
The quick reference guide to the events industry.
Vending Events Calendar 2001
Calendar of events for vending, coin op, amusement, fun centers and OCS coffee industries.
Directory of exhibition and events venues in the UK.
What's Hot and What's Not
Stay up-to-date on internet industry news. Listing of computer seminars.
Wireless Summits
Wireless Summits are an unmatched venue for networking and information exchange on a variety of emerging issues in the exploding wireless realm.
Directory of links to event, festival, conference, exhibition, special event, and convention sites.

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