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Fruit and Vegetables
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Mushrooms and Wild Foods

Importers of fine gourmet fruits and vegetables. Available at leading wholesalers nationwide.
Alsum Produce, Inc.
Grower, packer, and shipper of Absolutely Alsum potatoes, onions, and other vegetables and fruits.
Ambika Arihant Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of processed fruits and vegetables in OTS cans and glass jars and bottles.
Angas Park Fruit Company Pty. Ltd.
Australian dried fruit producers.
Anthony Donnelly and Son
Major fruit and vegetable supplier in Ireland.
Apple Journal
A comprehensive resource for growers and consumers. Find information about cooking, nutrition, variety selection and usage, farm market reports, historical archives and orchards.
Home of the four season apple experience. Orchard photos updated weekly, 52 weeks a year. Apple and apple-related products available.
Arian Milan
Producer of Iranian pistachios and dried fruits. Products include raisins, sultanas and dried apricots.
Atwater Foods
Producer of premium dried fruit for use in baking, trail mixes and industrial ingredients. Products include dried apples, dried organic apples, and dried infused berries.
Augusta Trading
Specialised in frozen fruits and vegetables for industry and foodservice.
Tropical vegetable research at the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center. Meeting a world of need.
Aztec Commodity Trading, S.A. de C.V.
Manufacturer's agents and brokers of frozen fruits, concentrates and purees supplying the food and beverage industries with quality ingredients.
Babaco and Fruits
Sales of babaco, an exotic tropical fruit from Ecuador, South America.
Bailey Farms
Growers, re-packers, and distributors of fresh produce, catering to the supermarket industry. Chile peppers and tomatillo specialist.
Banana Pure
Processer of aseptic banana puree, as well as that of other tropical fruit.
Basic American Foods
Manufacturers of dehydrated vegetables.
BEC Foods
Manufacturer of food products from fruit pulps and concentrates to pickles, jams, sauces, pastes and ready-to-serve foods.
Birds Eye
Fun, informative website from the manufacturer of frozen foods. Recipes, nutritional information and online games.
Borg Produce Sales, Inc.
Buyers and sellers in the wholesale produce market. Carries a complete line of fresh fruits and vegetables including Chilean fruits.
Sells packaged broccoli sprouts. Lists company information, list of retailers, nutritional information and recipes.
BT Produce
Full line of produce items.
Bush Brothers
Offers many bean and vegetable products, including Bushs Baked Beans and Chili Magic.
Cal Sungold Dates
Producer of whole, pitted, chopped and diced California dates.
California Fig Advisory Board
Your resource for fig nutrition, recipes, industry, history and retail information.
Canada Garlic
Producer of fresh garlic and all garlic products. It is the main garlic supplier in Ontario, Canada.
Cherry Central Distributors
Fruit and vegetable processors and distributors.
Chestnut Hill Farms
Premier supplier of selected fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood to a quality conscious customer base.
Chiquita Brands International
A leading international marketer, producer and distributor of quality fresh fruit, processed fruit and vegetable products.
Club Chef, Inc.
Processor of fresh cut produce.
Columbus S.r.l.
Tomato semi-finished products for industry, tomato paste, diced tomato, passata, chopped tomatoes, tomato sauces.
Comarco Products
Manufactures eggplant products, grilled and fire roasted vegetables, and cooked bacon pieces and slices.
Coosemans Worldwide
Hundreds of produce items from around the world.
Country Best
An agricultural cooperative owned by 75,000 farmer members.
Cranberry Stressline
News and information about the cranberry industry.
Crucialtrade Exports
Exporters of premium quality fresh fruit from South Africa.
D. Papagni Fruit Co.
Grower, packer, and shipper of grapes since 1920.
Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.
Ingredient and other product information, recipes, health benefits, company information and cranberry FAQs are included.
Deciduous Fruit Grower Online
Magazine serving the deciduous fruit industry in South Africa
Del Monte Foods
A manufacturer and marketer of processed vegetables, fruit and tomato products.
Dole Europe
From field to table, follow the Dole quality trail. Learn about Dole Europe's quality and environmental policies; discover the amazing range of Dole fresh produce.
Dole Fruit Company
Founded in Hawaii in 1851, Dole Food Company, Inc. is the largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables in the world, and markets a growing line of packaged food, and fresh flowers.
Dorot Vegetable Products
Israeli grower and exporter of garlic and vegetable products.
Dryhouse Fruits
Wholesalers of bulk dried fruit from craisins, blueberries, cranberries, cherries and sugar infused dryhouse fruits.
East Riding Farm Produce
Producers of the broadest range of potatoes and potato products.
Edwin Lorenz International Agency
A successful international agency for more than 40 years for canned fruit and vegetable, frozen products, kernels and dried fruit from Spain, Greece, Turkey, South America and India.
eFruit International, Inc.
Global electronic trading system for both sellers and buyers of fruit juice products.
EMA'S International A/S
International provider of fresh fruits and vegetables from Malaysia, mainly carambola, papaya, lime, ginger, and babycorn.
Expo Lanka Ltd
Sri Lankan exporter of dessicated coconut, fresh coconut, fruit and vegetables.
F. G. Lister and Company
Wholesale distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables in Ontario and Quebec.
Ferryfast Produce Ltd.
UK firm specializing in fresh produce marketing and distribution.
Fisher Foods Ltd
Specializes in private label products that include frozen and chilled produce and seafood.
Florida Food Products, Inc
Grows and processes botanical aloe vera gel and vegetable-based concentrates for the beverage, cosmetic, food and nutritional industries.
French Fry Page
French fry information, condiments, some quirky links.
Fresh Express
Producer and distributor of fresh, packaged salads.
Fresh Servant
Finish wholesaler of fruits and vegetables to Nordic countries.
News and information for the international fresh fruit and vegetable industry. From the pages of Eurofruit and Asiafruit magazines.
GB International
Provider of quality juice concentrates, pulps and oils to the food industry.
Gelin Foods
Producer of individually quick frozen vegetable and fruit products and dried vegetable products.
Gib's Gourmet
Producer of fruit shells to fill with ice cream, sorbet or puddings to make unique, gourmet desserts.
Golden Zhongyuan Foods China Inc
China based processor, supplier and trading company which specializes in IQF fruits and vegetables.
Quality bananas and palm hearts from Ecuador.
Great Lakes International Trading
Importer and supplier of dried fruit, edible seeds and nuts.
Green Garden Foods China
Grower - supplier of quality fruits and vegetables. Finished products can be supplied in chilled, frozen, marinated or dehydrated forms.
Grimmway Farms
Producers of carrots, citrus, and green beans.
Grove Fruit Juices
Learn about the Grove Juice company in Australia, and its daily squeezed juice products.
Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd
Producers of a wide variety of dates.
Hans Kissle
Wide array of salad products made at a FDA and USDA approved HACCP production facility with an extensive fod safety program.
Hayward Enterprises
Get purees for your fruit and vegetable recipes.
Horseradish Information Council
Information about horseradish tips, cooking with horseradish, recipes, facts, history, horseradish and health, horseradish statistics and trivia, the Horseradish Information Council.
Hudson River Fruit Distributors
Growers, packers, and shippers of New York State's finest apples. Specialists in exporting fruit to Europe and Latin America.
Hunan Gold Fruit Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of Chinese canned fruit and vegetables.
Imperial Onion of Colorado Inc.
Growers and distributors of sweet, tangy Sugar Valley onions.
Indian Fresh Produce
Processor of fresh fruits and vegetables utilizing shelf life extending technology.
International Coconut Corp.
Producers of sweetened, desiccated and toasted coconuts.
International Fresh-cut Produce Association
Association of fresh produce processors.
J. Matas Group
Argentine producer of a wide array of fresh vegetables.
James Desiderio Wholesale Fruit and Produce
Supplying west New York with fresh fruits & vegetables for over 50 years.
Jasper Wyman and Son
Premier wild Blueberries and other berries available in frozen, canned and dehydrated form.
Jining Sino Trading Co, Ltd.
Processer and exporter of Chinese white garlic, fresh ginger and peanuts.
Kara Foods
A small business supplying produce - fruits and vegetables- to businesses and individuals in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada
Suppliers of all kinds of fresh and canned exotic fruits.
Las Lolas
Specialist in the production of pepper mash, made out of any variety.
Lianyungang Yung Fung Foods
Supplier of frozen, canned, fresh and dehydrated vegetables and fruit in China.
Lychee Wood Estates
Lychee nuts shipped worldwide. Nutritional information and recipes are provided.
IQF fruit and vegetable producer in Turkey.
Martin Farms
Producers and distributors of premium quality sun-dried tomatoes and apricots.
McCain Foods Limited
Food processor of french fries and potato products.
Mead Orchards
New Zealand based exporters of the finest quality products.
Merrill's Blueberry Farm
Wild blueberry processors and wholesalers since 1925.
Mexicali Rose Marketing
Instant dehydrated regular and refried beans.
Michigan Blueberry Growers Association
Suppliers of fresh, processed and dehydrated blueberries.
Montana Gourmet Garlic
Company grows and sells a number of varieties of hardneck garlic to chefs and connoisseurs around the world.
Monterey Import Company
Suppliers of IQF, blockfrozen, and pureed fruit from Mexico.
Mooney Farms
Processors of truly sun dried tomatoes.
Murtuza Foods
Manufacturers and exporters of dehydrated onion.
Nanjing Fortune-Door Industry Corp.
Producers of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables in China.
Nanjing Intong Foods International Co.Ltd
Producer and exporter of deep frozen and canned fruits and vegetables inluding blackberries, strawberries, mushroom.
Nationwide Produce PLC
Suppliers of bulk fresh produce to the UK and abroad.
Natural Brands, Inc.
Wholesale provider of fresh squeezed juices, pasteurized organic juices, nutritionals, and purees.
Natures Way Foods
Salad and lettuce manufacturer specializing in the provision of quality prepared food to customers in the retail and food service sector.
Newberry International Produce Ltd.
International traders and suppliers of frozen fruit and frozen vegetables plus pureed, canned, asceptic and dried, fruit and vegetables. Organics with soil association certification.
Nisarg Nirman
Indian producers of fresh farm produce.
Norpac Foods
Provides frozen vegetables, precooked pasta and vegetable blends and soup blends to the foodservice industry. Distributes throughout U.S. and internationally. Located in Stayton, Oregon.
Norris Farms Blueberries
The Norris family is committed to supplying the highest quality Duke blueberries to foreign, domestic and local markets.
NorSun Food Group, LLC
The industry leader in delivering high-quality, roasted, baked and water-blanched potato products.
Northwestern Fruit
Fruit and produce.
Old California
Producer of tomato sauce made directly from the finest tomatoes, fresh from the field.
OregoN Fruit Products Co.
Processor and canner of 18 varieties of specialty fruit.
Pacific Coast Eco Bananas
Growers and producers of the environmentally friendly Red Tip Eco Banana based in Innisfail, North Queensland, Australia.
Pacific Farms
The largest grower of fresh wasabi in North America.
Paradise Tomato
Produces fresh, signature tomato sauces; pizza marinara, BBQ and salsa year round, while providing menu development expertise.
Fresh produce packaging company; descriptions of products and company information.
Pepin Heights Orchards, Inc.
Largest apple grower in the Midwest. HoneyCrisp, our newest apple this harvest season.
Perricone Juice Company
Committed to producing safe, quality juice products for over 60 years.
Spécialiste de la production, la commercialisation, l'importation et la distribution de fruits et légumes.
Produce Reporter Company
For nearly a century, providers of credit and marketing information to businesses involved in the wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable industry.
Produce-ing Results Int'l
South Florida importer of fresh fruits and vegetables specializing in berries, mangos, asparagus and onions.
The definitive site for the produce industry. E-Commerce, produce information, transportation, import and export.
Qingdao Komey Food Co Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of canned fruits, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, and dehydrated vegetables.
Qingdao Welldo
Manufacturer and exporter of dehydrated, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.
Qixia Tianyu Fruits Refrigeration Co.
China-based fruit company supplying apples and pears.
Quijote S.A.
Manufacturer of a wide variety of quince fruit items.
Race-West Produce Distributors
Fruit and Vegetable Shippers. Specializing in fresh produce, including, potatoes, onions, yams, carrots, cabbage, spinach, peppers, apples, pears, cherries, watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydew melons.
Rama Foods Co. Ltd.
Bulk and retail sales of tropical fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, and instant Thai cuisine.
RDM International Fruit
Our main focus is fruit: frozen, dried, puree, concentrates, powers, canned and flakes.
Red 'n Jucy Hydroponic Strawberry Farm
Hydroponic strawberry grower in South Africa.
Robert Mitchell Potatoes Ltd
Suppliers of potatoes to wholesale, retail and catering trade. Recipes, storage instructions, paper sack manufacturing.
Rootabaga Enterprises, Inc.
Supplier of organic produce including fruits, vegetables, juices, and commodities. Sales to wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and food service operations throughout North America.
S.A. Carlson, Inc.
Suppliers of high quality fruit products in dehydrated, concentrated, freeze dried, and pureed forms for use as industrial ingredients.
Schare & Associates
Suppliers to food and beverage industry of fruit juice concentrates, purees, essences, flavors and bases, a full line of vegetable extracts, frozen fruits, natural colors, tomato pastes.
Seaside Farms
Specialty soybeans (Edamame), shelled or in the pod. Low sodium, low cholesterol, high protein food. Nutritional information.
Seis Erre Alimentos
Dealers for international companies producing raw materials for the food industry, principally Brazilian and American companies. Also, producing and drying of aromatic herbs.
Sichuan Huacheng International Trading Corp. Ltd.
Specializing in producing and exporting mushroom and truffle products.
Sid Wainer Specialty Produce and Specialty Foods
Specialty produce and specialty foods distributor, wholesaler, and retailer: fresh vegetables and fruits, baskets, specialty foods, and seafoods. HACCP Certified.
Simplot Food Group
American suppliers of potato, vegetable and fruit products for the food service industry. Information on Simplot's various processed potato, mixed vegetable, fruit and avocado products, as well as recipes and news.
Iranian producer of a wide range of dates and date products.
Snake River Produce Company
Onion growers, onion packing and shipping of Spanish Sweet onions from Idaho and eastern Oregon.
Southern Fresh Produce Limited
Vegetable producing company based in Pukekohe, one of New Zealand's most fertile and productive horticultural regions.
Stapleton-Spence Packing Co.
Supplier of California prunes, raisins, dried fruit and nut products to the foodservice industry.
Star Frozen Foods
Supplier of frozen fruits to the Industrial Food Service and Retail Markets in North America, South America and Asia.
Stone Lin's Farm
Wasabi nursery. Plants for sale.
Sun Rich Fresh Foods Inc.
Fresh cut fruit salad and fruit sections.
Sun World Produce
Company information for wholesalers, consumers and distributors.
Sun-Maid Raisins
Official web site of Sun-Maid raisin growers of California.
Sunspiced Inc.
Specializing in onions and potatoes.
Sykiki Cooperative
Exporters of dried figs from Kalamata, Messinia Greece (Hellas) worldwide.
TAP INformation Global Ltd.
Fresh produce, organic produce, flowers and plant suppliers/exporters can use this site to find more buyers. Buyers can see who has what produce available daily via the interactive database.
The Dorset Blueberry Company
English blueberries and blueberry products. Site also provides recipes and cultivation information.
The Nunes Company
Marketers of Foxy brand vegetables: lettuce, celery, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and many others.
The Tropical Source
Supplier of imported tropical fruit purees, concentrates, and IQF pieces.
Thor Foods
Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables.
Tianjin Pollo Food Company Ltd.
Engages in the producing and processing of tomato paste, tomato juice, tomato sauce, beans in tomato juice and other various kinds of canned fruits.
Producer of industrial aseptic tomato paste, and aseptic packed diced tomatoes.
California premium sun dried products serving the industries of gourmet and consumer foods, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, airlines, using wholesale national and international distribution channels.
Traina Sun Dried Products
California premium sun dried tomatoes, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears, raisins, dates, nuts, peppers, cherry and plum sauces.
Tropical Fruit World
Growers of over 500 varieties of tropical fruits.
Van Drunen Farms
Specializes in dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs for use as ingredients by the food processing industry.
Verdelli Farms
Verdelli Farms has over 50 years proven track record and is the largest regional processor of fruits and vegetables on the east coast.
Villirillo Gardens
Full service produce wholesaler, distributor, and packer. Freight hauling and trucking. Satellite controlled trucks.
Wawona Frozen Foods
Central California fresh frozen fruit distributor. Bringing the food service industry natural fresh peaches, apples, strawberries and cherries.
Weihai Lianhua Foodstuff Co.,Ltd.
Chinese producers of various canned fruits.
Weiss Brokerage Company
Offers a wide variety of industrial food products, specializing in bulk fruit juice concentrates, frozen fruits and tomato products by pail, drum, tote bin, or tanker truck.
White House Foods
Producer of apple based food products.
Xiamen Greatwall Foods Co., LTD.
Producer of IQF fruit and vegetables.
Xuzhou Dehydrated Vegetable Factory
Dehydrated vegetables from China including garlic, carrots, cabbage, ginger and onion.
Gourmet Mediterranean foods imported from Bulgaria. The line includes peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, pickles and preserves.
Kiwifruit producer offers recipes, kiwifruit history and kiwifruit nutrition information.
Zhong Food co.,Ltd
Producer of canned, frozen, air dried, freeze dried and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Zhuhai Summi Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of concentrate juice, orange juice, mango juice, passionflower juice and pomegranate juice.

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