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A & A Discount Trading Company
Distributor of welding supplies, accessories and metal alloys.
A & N
Welding positioners, welding rotators and turning rolls, column and boom, manipulators, submerged arc welding equipment, turntables and headstocks for sale and rental.
A.C.E. International
Distributor of welding machines, welding accessories and safety equipment.
A.F.W Co., Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of friction welded API drill tube, drill rod and other friction welded machinery parts.
AA Enterprises
Distributor of welding electrodes, welding machines, welding supplies, and grinding wheels. India.
AACCO products & services for the metal joining industry
AACCO is a leading manufacturer of high and low temperature brazing fluxes, brazing alloys and other consumables such as Deoxaluminite, for the welding, brazing & soldering industries. AACCO also offers brazing services by turntable, furnace, vacuum, aluminum dip and induction methods.
AAKAAR Fluxes Private Limited
Manufacturer of a full range of bonded and fused welding fluxes for submerged arc welding. Specializing in custom flux formulation to suit specific requirements.
Accuparts Co
USA. Laser welding and electron beam welding and engraving equipment for the medical, sensor and aerospace industries.
Advanced Integrated Technologies
Manufacturer of reflow solder tools, hot bars and resistance welding electrodes. Contract EDM and micro-machining services available.
Advanced Welding Supply, Inc.
Company distributing welding equipment, supplies and accessories. Equipment repair and service available.
Aelectronic Bonding Inc.
Makers of automated equipment for jewelry manufacturing including welding, linking, tack welding, fusion and looping.
Albright Welding and Supply Co. Inc.
Distributors of welding and safety equipment.
Albright Welding Supply Co.
Distributor of welding machines, equipment and associated supplies.
Alcam Inc.
Manufacture and distributor of welding electrodes and other maintenance products. On-line message board available.
AlcoTec Wire Corporation
Full line of standard welding wire products, plus brazing, metallizing, tie, and mechanical wire.
All-Fab Corporation
Manufacture and distributor of welding positioners and metal working machinery. Used equipment is also available.
Alphatex Company
Manufacturer of tig torch and replacement parts, air plasma torch and replacement parts.
American Welding Supply Inc.
Welding supplies and equipment sales and service. Rebuilt and reconditioned equipment available.
AquaGas International Limited
Manufacture of gas generators and DC power supplies used for cutting, brazing and welding.
Arc Machines, Inc.
Manufactures orbital welding heads, for fusion welding or welding with filler wire and microprocessor-controlled inverter-type power supplies for orbital TIG welding and for controlling all orbital welds heads. .
Company specializing in the on-line sale of arc welding accessories, services and supplies for MIG, TIG and Plasma welding.
Arcmatic Integrated Systems
Developer and manufacture of a system to make hi-deposition, hi-impact, narrow gap, electroslag welds using modular components.
Manufacturers of gas welding, cutting, and brazing torches as well as after market tips and welding accessories.
Arctect Canada
Manufactures of welding equipment,electrodes,wires and fluxes.
Argyle Welding Supply
Arc and acetylene gas welding and cutting tools, supplies, and repair kits. Informational links and technical data offered.
Arm Products
Manufacture of total resistance welding systems such as suspended transformer spot welding and integrated gun among others.
Artech Engineering Works
Manufacturing of capacitor discharge stored energy spot and projection welders in India. The company now has over 300 installations.
ASK for Service
UK. Distributors of welding equipment and accessories.
Association of Welding Distributors
Information and resources for the UK welding industry.
ATek Corporation
Company specializing in welding process controls and monitors.
Atlantic Spot Welding Products
Company specializing in spot, seam, and butt welding equipment and technology.
Atmos Enterprises Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of specialty brazing torch attachments designed to eliminate the need for oxygen.
Automatic Weld
Welding and plasma cutting equipment repair, service and parts. Authorized warranty service for Hypertherm, Lincoln, and Thermal Dynamics.
B.R. Aronson Co., Inc.
Aronson welding positioner rebuilding, restoration, and retail sales. All makes and models of Koike-Aronson welding positioners and related welding equipment.
Balacchi srl
Balacchi designs and manufactures a complete range of high frequency welding machines, thermoformers, electrodes, rods and moulds for PVC.
Bancroft Corporation
Designers and builders of automatic & robotic welding equipment including custom welding machines.
Blacks Equipment Limited
Manufactures of friction welding and bonding equipment. Contract services also available.
Bluco Corporation
Modular fixturing for welding and machining. Expanding mandrels and precision tombstones available to the metalworking industry.
Bod Weld-Cut Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of gas welding and cutting torches, gas regulators, pressure gauges and other welding accessories.
Böhler Schweißtechnik Austria GmbH
Company producing and distributing a range of welding consumables.
Bohler Thyssen Welding
Manufacturer of a variety of welding electrodes, wires and fluxes.
Bowers Equipment Co., Inc.
Manufactures of production welding equipment such as positioners, manipulators, oscillators, mandrels and supports. On-line product catalog featured.
Branam Fastening Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of stud welding equipment.
Branson Ultrasonics
Manufacturer of plastics joining equipment including ultrasonic, linear and orbital vibration welders, hot plate welders, and spin welders for assembling thermoplastics. Technical data, applications information and related links are offered.
Bussan Co.
An Bulgarian company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of welding machines and other specialty power supplies.
C & G Systems
Manufacture of cutting machines suited for a full range of automated cutting requirements using either oxy-fuel or plasma apparatus.
Italian manufacture of electric welding machines, inverters and battery chargers.
CammCo Cutting Systems
Makers of automated motion control plasma oxygen cutting systems.
Cellar Services Inc.
Manufacture of industrial products used for welding, dispensing, and material handling operations. Related links and an on-line catalog featured.
Centricut LLC
Manufacturer of plasma cutting laser torches, supplies and replacement parts.
A Belgian company manufacturing a variety of welding equipment including Mig/Mag, Tig, plasma arc, and inverters.
Coastal Alloy Corporation
Manufactures and distributors of electrodes for welding, maintenance and repair.
Columbine International, Ltd.
Distributes and services plastic welding equipment specific to the geosynthetics, plastic fabrication, flooring and roofing industries. Language translation and related links offered.
Computer Weld Technology, Inc.
Provides solutions to industry for automating, controlling and monitoring the arc weld process and for quality control assurance.
Copper Products Inc.
An manufacturer of copper resistance welding wheels, and other industrial copper products.
Crafford Precision Products Co.
Manufacture of workstations for dental, jewelry, medical device and industrial micro welding applications. Wire forming and bending machines for jewelry manufacturing.
Cunningham Welding Equipment
Manufactures and distributes welding equipment and supplies, including welding machines, welding wire, and used welding equipment.
Cybersmith Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturer of computer controlled resistance welders, forming/cutting dies, testing equipment, and tapping machines.
Online source for Miller Electric, Hobart, and Hornell Speedglas welding supplies.
Daehan Carbon Co., Ltd.
Korean company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of arc gouging carbon rods.
DaeHan Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributors of brazing, welding, and soldering alloys.
Davignon Industries
Developer of welding software which identifies metals, selects filler metals, recommends welding parameters and costs.
Daytona MIG
Specialists in portable MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutters and welding accessories. Also suppliers of industrial and specialty welding equipment. Parts and service for many brands.
Deltaconne International
Manufacture of welding, cutting, and structural steel layout tools. Language translation and related links offered.
Manufacturer of manual metal arc welding, cutting and hard facing electrodes.
Denison Oxygen Supply
Distributor of arc welding equipment, industrial specialty gases, cutting tools, lubricants, abrasives, safety equipment and supplies.
Diamond Ground Products Inc.
Provider of pre-ground welding electrodes, precision tungsten electrode grinders, and other selected accessory products to support the precision welding industry on a worldwide basis.
Directed Light Inc.
Company providing workstations and systems for laser welding, drilling and specialty cutting lamps. Contracted services also available.
Doussan Industrial Gases and Supplies
Industrial and Medical Gases and Supplies
Dualdraw Co.
Manufacturer of clean air stations used for the removal of smoke,dust,and fumes associated with welding,grinding and polishing process.
Dukane Ultrasonics Division
Manufactures of ultrasonic welders, plastic welders, hot plate welders and metal welding equipment.
Dynamic Technologies
Source for welding wire, supplies, and accessories.
Electrode Dressers
Manufacturers of equipment used for the automatic and manual dressing of spot welding electrodes.
Electron Beam Fusion Welding Corp.
Company specializing electron beam fusion welding service and equipment. A joining technique used for precision welding of thin-to-thick alloys, refractory metals, and pre-machined parts.
Engineered Specialty Products
Manufacture and distributor of resistance welding systems.
EPIS, Ltd.
Manufacture and distributor of specialty welding power supplies.
Large scale manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment and filler metals. Site incorporates detailed company information and access to extensive library of product, training, and technical manuals.
ESAB India Limited
Suppling a range of welding, cutting and allied products and services. The product range covers welding and reclamation consumables, arc and industrial gas equipment, and cutting machines.
Eurofil S. R. L.
An Italian manujfacture producing a range of gas metal arc welding wires.
Everts Product Handling
Manufacture and distributor of lateral pressure pad clamping systems for welding, milling, drilling, and other fabrication and manufacturing processes.
Facemire Welding Supplies
Distributor of welding equipment and portable power supplies.
French manufacturer and distributor of specialty welding equipment for the automobile repair industry.
Focus Srl
Develops, produces and distributes a complete range of capacitor discharge welding machines.
Forward Precision Engineering and Gatwick Fusion Ltd.
Manufacture and distributor of friction and resistance welding equipment used for the joining of manufactured components.
Forward Precision Equipment Limited
Designers and manufactures of equipment used for the joining and assembly of manufactured components employing friction and resistance welding technology.
Fronius Schweißmaschinen Vertrieb GmbH&CoKG
Manufacture of welding machinery, battery charging systems, and photo-voltaic solar rectifiers. An news journal and forum is featured.
Gavazzi and Co., SRL
Italian manufacturer of portable pipe cutting machines, electrode drying ovens, and welding accessories.
GB Cavi Italia - Milano
Manufacture of a variety of resistance welding cables including water and air cooled.
General Welding Supplies LTD
Suppliers of welding consumables, equipment and associated products to industry in the UK. Hire of welding equipment and generators.
Golden Spot Industry, Inc.
Asian designer, manufacture, and exporter of automatic welding machines.
Goss Inc.
Manufacturer of torches, tips, and accessories for welding, cutting, soldering, brazing, and heating.
Greencastle Metal Works Inc.
Manufacture and distributor of head and tailstock manual positioners.
Gulfwire Inc.
Manufacturer of Diamond Draw aluminum welding wire and stainless steel welding wire, selling to distributors and industry.
Handy and Harnan
Precious metals company, specializing in brazing, brazing pastes and silver. An on-line technical manual offered.
Hao Thing Electricity Machinery Co., Ltd.
An Asian manufacturer of resistance, induction and custom automated welding machines and accessories.
Harris Welding Supplies
Contact us for gas and electric welding supplies, plasma cutting equipment, safety and industrial supplies.
Haun Welding Supply
An manufacturer of welding equipment and a supplier of welding products, gases and services.
Hebei Electric Welding Machine Co.,Ltd.
An Chinese manufacturer of a variety of arc welding equipment.
Hobart Welders
Manufacture and distributors of welders and auxiliary power generator products. Related links, message board and technical information featured.
Hoodlum Welding Gear
Selling unusual welding helmets and clothing.
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, Ltd
Specialists in precision and orbital arc welding systems and accessories. Also products necessary for weld purging featured.
Hyundai Welding Co., Ltd.
An manufacturer of welding consumables and equipment.
I Oxygen Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and exporter of gas welding and cutting equipment.
Inductoheat Australia
Range of pot, projection, seam, suspension, and special purpose welders for the resistance welding industry. Induction heating equipment also available.
International Welding Technologies, Inc.
Specializing in capacitor discharge and arc stud welding equipment sales and rental. Equipment repair service are offered.
Interstate Welding Sales Co.
Distributor of welding equipment, industrial gases and other tools and accessories.
Inweld Corp.
Distributor of welding supplies and industrial gases. Specializing in high purity research gases and custom mixtures.
Isomatic UK.
Manufacture and distributor of transformers and controllers utilized in specialty resistance welding equipment.
Isotek Electronics Ltd
Designers and manufacturers of automatic welding machines and control systems. Sub-contract welding service.
Janda Company, Inc.
Manufacturers of standard and specialty resistance welders and is a distributor of welding components, supplies and accessories.
John Davies Ltd.
Welding supplies, equipment sales, service and rental. Generators and lighting equipment available.
Junction Tool Supplies Pty. Ltd.
Specializing in pipe welding equipment and tools for petrochemical industry.
K and K Equipment Company
Manufactures the 'Torchmate' computer-operated CNC plasma cutter, having a 4-x-8-foot cutting capacity.
Kistler Machine Company
An company specializing in engineering and manufacturing of welding and cutting systems.
Distributor of welding supplies, electrodes, alloys, safety equipment and other industrial products.
Koike Aronson, Inc.
Suppling a range of welding equipment, cutting and positioning products, consumables and engineering services.
Koryo Engineering
Manufacture or automatic pipe welding machine and environmental recycling equipment.
Kranitz Corporation
Builds and refurbishes resistance welding equipment. Also sells welding consumables.
Kriton Welders
Manufactures arc and resistance welding machines with latest electronic controls, automation. Established in 1973.
Laserstar Technologies
Designers and manufacturers a range of Nd:YAG pulse laser systems for micro-welding and marking applications.
Lastek SA
Manufacture of welding alloys and equipment.Custom alloys and equipment available upon request.
Lindsey Welding Supply Company
Distributor of welding equipment, consumables and related supplies in the UK.
Litty GmbH
Company specializing in tungsten welding electrodes.
LORS Machinery
Designers and manufactures of resistance welders, benders and trimmers. Technical reference information is also offered.
Mabscott Supply Company
Distributes welding equipment, welding supplies, gases, industrial products, cutting tools, CNC machine tools.
Macgregor Welding Systems
Designer and manufacturer of DC Resistance and micro Arc Welding equipment for the Micro Joining and Welding, aerospace, medical and industrial markets.
Machine Techniques, Ltd.
Company specializing in the application and sales of hotplate welding equipment for the thermoplastic industry.
Magnum Welding Caps
Manufacture of a line of specialty welding caps.
Maschinenfabrik Spaichingen GmbH
Ultrasonic welding equipment.
McMillan Welding and Industrial Equipment, Inc.
Company buying and selling new and used welding and industrial equipment worldwide.
Metrode Products Limited
Manufacturers and suppliers of alloyed welding consumables in the UK.
Micro Products Company
Manufactures a full line of electric resistance butt welders for ferrous and non-ferrous wire, rod and cable.
Micro-Weld Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of resistance welding equipment for low heat permanent repairs of plastic injection molds, die cast dies and extrusion dies.
Company suppling materials and welding equipment used in bonding and microjoining of miniature mechanical and electrical sub-assemblies.
MicroJoin, Inc.
Manufactures hot bar and heat seal bonding systems, resistance welders, and reflow soldering equipment.
MicroWeld Engineering, Inc.
An company providing precision welding services for aerospace, turbine engine, hot section and 'unweldable' alloys.
Midwest Fasteners Inc.
Company manufacturing stud weld insulation fasteners, specialty fasteners, arc welding systems and accessories.
An on-line source for welding equipment, supplies and tools.
Miller Electric
Manufacturer of arc welding and AC generating equipment. Technical information and related links featured.
Miller Electric Mfg.
Manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment. Includes broad technical data and a listing of dealers.
Miller Welding and Suppy Co.
A source for online ordering of welding machines and supplies.
Mitrowski Welding
Company specializing in welding equipment sales, rental, parts, supplies and repairs.
Miyachi Technos Corp.
Manufactures lasers and laser systems with focus on spot welding and marking applications. Site incorporates extensive selection of downloadable background information and technical papers. From Japan.
MK Products
Company specializing in aluminum MIG welding and orbital TIG welding equipment and accessories.
Moreschi S.R.L.
Italian company specializing in the third party welding, repair and machining of copper and its alloys. Also manufactures and reconditions hydraulic fixtures.
MSi Automation Inc.
Specializes in broad range of induction heating equipment. Includes automated saw blade brazing machines and equipment for handheld applications. Site includes photos, technical details, and examples of products in use.
National system Co., Ltd.
Manufactures welding machines and welding accessories.
On-line purchasing of welding supplies, safety supplies, welding and specialty gases.
New Image Plastics Manufacturing
Manufacture and distributor of thermoplastic welding rod & wire. Products can be ordered on-line.
New Southern Resistance Welding, Inc.
Resistance welding supplies, from copper alloys and electrodes to a comprehensive array of welding machines.
New Technology Products
Company distributing specialty electrodes for the welding and repair of aluminum products.
Newby Welding Supplies
Suppliers of welding equipment to the UK DIY welding market. Large selection of mig welding products and consumables. Postal service of welding supplies available.
Newby Welding Supplies
An UK company offering a range of welding equipment and supplies aimed at the DIY market.
NexAir Welding Equipment
New and used welding equipment, welders supplies, accessories, rental services, compressed gases, tig, mig, and arc welders plus torch and regulator trade-ins.
NMW - Schweisstechnische Anlagen
German company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of Mig, Tig and other plasma arc torches.
Norco Industrial Welding and Safety Division
Company specializing in the supply and service of welding, industrial and safety equipment.
Nucor Weld (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and marketing of various kinds of Welding Consumables and Electrodes.
Orientation Spin Welders
Manufactures & distributors of serveral models of plastic orientation spin welders. The capacity of the welders range from 1/8" to 60" in diameter.
OXO Welding Equipment Co.
Manufacturer of a variety of MIG welding guns and torches.
Manufacture and distributor of air cooled MIG welding guns.
Park Welding Supply
Specializing in silver brazing, silver solder and lead and lead free alloys.
An manufacturer of a line of mig guns, tig torches, plasma torches and other welding consumables.
Pei Point S.n.c.
Italian manufacturer of resistance welding equipment.
PG Walker Tech Center Home Page
PG Walker has been in business since 1933 offering a full line of welding and gas supplies. PG Walker also has a technical center with factory certified technicians ready and willing to help you with equipment repair, sales, training, applications and automation projects.
Phoenix Welding Supply Company, Inc.
Sales and service of welding equipment and supplies. Online shopping available.
PipeMaster Tools
Manufacturer of adjustable pipe templates for the welding industry.
Plasma Team Snc
Company specializing in the supply of Plasma Transferred Arc equipment to the hardafcing industry.
Plasma-Laser Technologies
Specializing in plasma-laser welding technology and equipment.
Plasmatechnik Markus Colling GmbH & Co. KG
German manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment. Online shopping available.
Plymouth Welding Supply, Inc.
Distributor of welding equipment and supplies.
Postle Industries, Inc.
Manufactures a range hardfacing products for overlay, repair welding, and specialized fabrications. The product range includes flux-coated electrodes, flux-cored wires, and thermal spray powders and wires.
Postle Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer a variety of welding consumables for hardfacing and overlay, repair welding, and specialized fabrications. The product range includes flux-coated electrodes, flux-cored wires and thermal spray powders.
Premier Power Welder
Manufacturer of alternator-actuated, under hood welding system for Jeeps, campers, 4x4s, off-road vehicles and SUVs.
Process Welding Systems Inc.
Company selling welding lathes, plasma torches, welding power supplies, and plasma/TIG automated welding systems.
Pulsar Electro-Magnetic Industrial Technologies
Manufacture of equipment used for cold welding, crimping, forming and stamping utilizing magnetic pulse technology.
Manufacturers and distributors of industrial burners,welding regulators,cutters,torches,electrodes,hoses and accessories
Rainbow Electronics Spotwelding, Inc.
Sales and service of spotwelding equipment.
Raymond Industries
Orbital welding equipment sales, rentals and repairs. Welding and beveling equipment and training.
RDO Enterprises, Inc.
Distributor of induction soldering, brazing and heating equipment. Carbide cutting tools, screw machine products and thread lock coatings are also offered.
Reliant Heating and Controls, Inc.
Manufacturer of resistance type heat treating equipment for the welding field.
Resistance Welding Suppy
Manufacturer of custom welding equipment, copper bar stock, transformers, and other welding supplies.
Revco Industries, Inc.
Manufacturers of Black Stallion gloves, welding apparel, screens, blankets, and accessories.
Roberts Oxygen
Distributor of compressed, medical and specialty gases, and welding equipment in multiple locations in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
Robvon Backing Ring Company
Manufacture of backing rings, consumable inserts, conspacers, and machined rings.
Rochester Welding Supply Corp.
An on-line e-tailer of welding equipment, accessories and supplies.
Rotech Tooling Sweden
Manufacturer of automated welding systems.
RWC Production Support Services, Inc.
Welding equipment and spare parts, spot and press welders, maintenance services, and training for manufacturing equipment.
SAF Welding Products Ltd
Suppliers of MIG, TIG and plasma arc cutting and robotic welding equipment.
Safra s.p.a.
Manufacturing aluminum and copper welding wire alloys.
Samheung Industrial Co., Ltd.
Korean manufacturer of welding machines.
San Giorgio Plasma S.r.l.
Supplier of plasma cutting torches, laser cutting parts, and consumables.
Sandco Manufacturing, Inc.
Designers and manufactures hydrogen gas generators. The gas produced results in a clean burning flame. A renewable fuel and energy source.
Sciaky, Inc.
Manufactures resistance, arc, laser and electron beam welding systems. Offers contract welding services and provides spare parts, service and training.
SEC Machines
Manufactures of gas cutting machines, flame cutting machines, and pipe cutting machines.
Seki Kogyo, Inc.
Specializing in the development and production of welding machines. Downloadable brochure available.
Sensotec, Inc
Suppliers of welding process sensors, meters, and monitors including force, pressure, current, temperature, displacement, and measure set-down.
Shenzhen Flight Co., Ltd.
Mamufacturer of welding machine, plasma cutters, welding auto carriage, welding supplies, welding torch, torch parts, plasma torch,and auto darking filters.
Siam Part Products Co.,Ltd
Company specialising in the sale of various types of welding machines.
Smith Equipment
Manufacturer of oxy-fuel cutting and welding equipment, gauges, torches, and other accessories.
Sonic Ease Tooling Corp
USA. Ultrasonic welding equipment, thermal heat presses, and automated machinery.
Sorny Roong Industrial Co., LTD.
A Asian company distributing soldering equipment and supplies.
Southern Stud Weld, Inc
A full service stud welding and EPA inspection plug manufacturer.
Specialized Assembly Systems
Ultrasonic, spin, vibration and hot plate welding, as well as thermal and automation assembly equipment used in plastic assembly.
Spinweld Inc.
Company specializing in production inertia welding machines of various size ranges.
Manufacturer of spot welding equipment. Sales of new and used equipment and accessories.
Spotwelding Consultants, Inc.
Distributors of new and reconditioned resistance spot welding equipment and supplies.
Stanley Machining, Inc.
Designs and builds custom machines for welding, metal tube processing, assembly, automation and robotic integration. Also provides custom tooling, fixturing and machining services.
Steiner Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial clothing and safety products, all designed to promote safety and increase productivity in the workplace.
Company specializing in the manufacturing of iron, nickel, and cobalt based hardfacing rods, electrodes, welding wires and twin arc wires.
Stud Welding Products
Company offering stud welding products, including C.D and Arc stud welders for industrial applications. Rental fleet for jobsite applications available.
Studs and Anchors, Inc
Company specializing in the sales of stud welding equipment and anchors. An on-line catalog and ordering is available.
Swantec Software and Engineering ApS
Welding software and engineering services for industrial resistance welding applications including spot welding, projection welding and resistance brazing and soldering.
T&R Welding Products Ltd
An UK company specializing the manufacturing and distribution of welding electrodes and other consumables.
T.J. Snow Company, Inc.
Custom designer of resistance, spot, and robotic welding equipment. Used equipment rebuilt to customer specifications.
Taylor Studwelding Systems Limited
Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of studwelding equipment and associated products.
Company specializing in the design and manufacture of specialty welding, metalworking and automation equipment.
TEAM Industries, Inc.
Manufactures of welding positioners.
Tec Torch Company, Inc.
A manufacturer of TIG (GMAW) torches.
Techniweld Products Corp.
An wholesale distributor of welding supplies, equipment and products.
Tecnomeccanica srl
Company specialized in selling power units for stud welding.
Company specializing in the supply and maintenance of all types of resistance welding equipment.
The Acoustical Tooling Co
Acoustical horns and fixtures and custom tooling for ultrasonic welding and assembly.
The Böhler Thyssen Schweißtechnik GmbH
Manufacturers of welding equipment including coated electrodes, MIG/MAG wires ,welding rods for tig and gas welding, sub arc wires, strips and fluxes.
The Little Welding Store
An company specializing in retail sales of welding equipment, supplies and consumables. Online ordering available.
The Resistance Welding Store
Distributor of welding equipment, electrodes and accessories, peripheral equipment and welding schedules for any resistance welding application.
The Roueche Company, LLC
Provider of custom Resistance Welding machinery and supplies.
The Welding Catalog
On-line distributors of welding equipment, tools and supplies.
The Welding Warehouse
An UK company specializing in the sales and distribution of a range electric welding products including arc, mig and tig welding machines. Gas welding and safety products are also available.
Thermadyne Holdings Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of welding, cutting and safety products.
Thermal Arc
Company specializing in the distribution of welding power source products and related equipment such as STICK (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW) and Multi-Process arc welders, engine-driven welding generators, wire feeders, plasma arc welding systems and consumables.
Thermal Dynamics
Company specializing in plasma arc cutting systems.
Thompson Friction Welding
Supplier of friction welding equipment and sub contract welding services.
Thyssen Schweißtechnik Deutschland GmbH
Company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of a varied range of welding consumables.
Tianjin Shunze Welding Material Factory
Asian manufacture of various welding alloys and electrodes.
Tool-Weld Inc.
Manufacturers and suppliers of RWMA copper alloys, refractory materials and supplies to the resistance welding industry.
Topac Inc.
Manufacture and distributor of specialty instrumentation including purge dams and oxygen monitors to insure low oxygen concentrations at the weld root.
Torch Tip Malaysia Centre
Distributes welding equipment, cutting tools, safety equipment and supplies.
Information on the history of plasma cutters, how they work, sample cuts, how to select a plasma cutter.
Trafimet Spa
Company specializing in the design and manufacture of MIG, TIG, and PLASMA welding and cutting torches.
Trinetics Group Inc.
Manufacture specializing in hot air staking, non-contact hot plate, and power orientation spin welders use in plastic and metal assembly.
Company marketing a line of air-fuel products and accessories.
Tweco/Arcair Products, Inc.
Producer of basic manual welding accessories, MIG guns, TIG torches and robotic welding products. Also also manufacturing a line of air carbon arc gouging torches, electrodes and products for underwater welding and cutting.
U.S. Alloys
Welding and metallising supplies for repair and maintenance. Technical assistance available for repair welding and metallising applications.
Ultrasonic Plastic Welding
Component manufacture and distributor of ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic cleaning and sono-chemistry equipment.
Unitek Equipment
Manufacturers of resistance welding and reflow soldering power supplies, heads, monitors and accessories for precision metals joining.
Used Welding Equipment
Message board for welders and metalworking enthusiasts to sell, trade, buy and purchase used welding equipment.
Valley Welders & Industrial Supply
Distributes welding equipment and supplies, compressed and liquid gases, industrial and MRO products, machine tools and accessories, power tools, abrasives, and fasteners.
Victor Equipment Company
An manufacturer and distributor of oxy-fuel welding and cutting apparatus and pressure regulators.
Victory White Metal Co.
Manufacture of solder, anodes and other lead products.
Waltz-Dettmer Supply
Industrial and welding supply company. Also specialize in the repair of pneumatic, lubrication, and hydraulic tools and equipment.
Weiler Welding Company, Inc.
On Line Catalog for welding and industrial supplies and medical and industrial gases.
Welcome to SAF dedicated to domestic gas cylinder welding
SAF, subsidiary of Air Liquide Welding, manufactures welding and cutting machines. Plasma gtaw gmaw Aluminum Electrode and flux cored wire.
Weld Aid
Company providing anti-splatter products for the welding industry.
Weld Plus
Used welding positioners, manipulators, turning rolls, welding seamers, used welders, welding supplies and equipment.
Weld-o-Matic Machines Company Ltd.
Manufacture of resistance welding equipment, parts and accessories.
Weld-tec Industrial Services Ltd.
Suppliers of UK designed and manufactured Tig and Mig welding equipment and supplies.
Welders 4 Rent
Find welding equipment for rent. Search for welder rental companies by market and request rental rates online.
Welders Domain
Classified ads for welders, welding software available for download, welding resources.
Welders Mall
Sells welding products and supplies online.
Welders Supply
Distributors of welding supplies serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.
Welders Supply and Equipment Co. Inc.
Distributor of welding equipment and supplies, industrial and medical gases and safety products.
Welding and Metallurgical Equipment, Inc.
Dealers in surplus and refurbished electron beam welding systems and EBW spare parts. Automated TIG, Laser and similar systems.
Welding and Therapy Service, Inc.
Distributors of welding equipment and supplies. Specialty gases also available.
Welding Equipment & Cutting Services Ltd.
Company specializing in the sales, repair and reconditioning of cutting and welding equipment throughout England, Wales and Ireland.
Welding Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Manufacturer of welding machines and equipment. Malaysia
Welding Plant (S.W.) Ltd.
An company specializing in metal and plastic welding equipment and training courses. Based in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK.
Welding Star
An UK company specializing in the sales and service of welding, cleaning and air compressor equipment.
Welding Supplies Thomas Regional Directory Co.
Industrial directory for welding equipment, supplies and services. Locate companies providing alloys, gloves, regulators, saws and serving the welding supply industry. Powered by Thomas Regional.
Welding Supplies UK Ltd
A UK company marketing new and used welding equipment and accessories.
Welding Supply Co., Inc
Distributor of welding supplies and accessories.
Distributor of Mig, Tig, Plasma arc welding equipment, related replacement parts and accessories. On-line ordering featured.
An online source for welding equipment, supplies and consumables.
Weldlogic Inc.
Manufacture of computer controlled welding equipment, power supplies and voltage controllers.
Weldmation, Inc.
Fabricates and services automated welding systems, assembly systems, test systems, material handling systems.
Weldotech Industries
An East Indian manufacturers and exporter of switchgear and welding equipment and accessories.
Stocking supplier of an range of engineering supplies to the UK industrial and home user, including welding products and consumables.
Weldsale Company
Company manufacturing welding equipment and supplies, including platens, steel stands, and accessories. Products can be ordered on-line.
Weldtron Products
Manufacturer of remote amperage controllers for welding machinery and generic idler control circuits for engine driven welding machinery.
Company offering online ordering of welding shirts and all types of protective welding apparel.
An online supplier of welding machines, welding supplies and consumables.
Weldwell (NZ) Ltd
Welding equipment and supply company also specializing in technical support and welding information.
Wesgard International PTY. LTD.
Manufacture of welding machine voltage reducers.
West Country Welding Supplies
Industry Welding supplies and services across the UK's South West including delivery, hire and repair of welding machines and equipment.
Wholesale Welding Supplies Ltd
A distributor of a range of welding machines, gas equipment, consumables, safety wear and accessories throughout the UK and many parts of Europe.
Wisconsin Wire Works, Inc.
An integrated manufacturer of copper and copper alloy welding wire.
ZENA, Inc.
Manufacture of 150A to 600A DC commercial mobile arc welding equipment that can be installed into vehicles or attached to existing motors. Hydraulic and PTO drive welders.

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